PLEASURE FUCK - Enjoy the Fuck, Enjoy who you are getting Fucked By

A:  “the room was full of some really erotic noises last night haan…, are you guys dating?? You were moaning really intense!!”
B: “nah!! Who cares about dating? We don’t fall for commitment or things like that…we were just fucking for pleasure…and let me tell you, I had the best fuck of my life, we spiced up the things by talking dirty”!!

While Presents remain the second most cherished and exciting thing for most women, it is Pleasure that hits the number one mark. While for most men, Orgasms come second in their order of preference, the first being Multiple Orgasms!!  Who doesn’t need pleasure??  Pleasure can be derived from a multitude of sources, out of which Sex is the most popular one. However, what is to be kept in mind is that not all types of fucks give pleasure. Pleasure derived from fucking is based on mood, age, chemistry, stress or exhaustion level. Having said that, it’s always better to know some nuances which can enhance pleasure and give the big Os to both men and women. Other than non consensual sex, all types of sex promise pleasure, but we know you secretly wish someone tells you how to boost or enhance that pleasure which can give you endless satisfaction and makes you keep thinking about the same even when you are not fucking.

When you are in your bed with your sex partner, the only thing that you think about is having the best times of your life and only thinking about pleasure. Let’s take a look into various things that men and women can do in order to boost the sex life, which will only, and only give you pleasure.

  1. Consent is Imperative if you are Fucking your Partner or a Complete Stranger :
  2. What people fail to realize in a relationship or otherwise is the fact that sex can be done for a number of reasons- show      that you love, show that you care, show you are into someone, to give emotional support or the likes, nut the ultimate culmination of it is pleasure. Even if you are going in for a one night stand with a complete stranger, you are going to have some fun. It is important the consent of both is involved to guarantee you an effortless lovemaking session that can actually fill your sexual starvation.
  1. Talk Super Dirty: Fucking is one thing, but talking about how dirty you’ll get on bed and do all the things your partner cannot even imagine, spices up a lot of things. Talks like “ suck my cock or eat my balls”, “ bite my tits, eat me, lick my pussy” are just some examples of how dirty you can get and trust me, these examples are really simple. You can get as dirty as you want and can really amp your sex game by whispering in the ear and then nibbling it, looking in the eye while talking dirty, asking dirty question from your partner and listening to her/his reply can be the most arousing thing ever.
  1. Intimacy is the Key: Whenever you are indulging in anything sexual, it should not be considered as a planned encounter like “I will fuck you sharp at 6 when I get free from work”. It builds around intimacy, your liking/ attraction towards your partner, how strongly you need the person at that moment besides other important factors. When you are fucking or getting fucked, it is important that you get close, intimate and personal. You go to any extent to give and take pleasure. It’s a two way deal. Close contact, kissing, touching, feeling each and every body part, enjoying doing dirty deeds on/ with one another is all a part of being intimate that can increase the pleasure you derive out of it by manifolds.
  1. Fantasize and Explore More: Even your biggest and dirtiest fantasies can come alive if both the partners are interested and love to experiment. Communication playing a pivotal role, you can go wild in fantasizing and tell the same to your partner. Be it fucking in a bathtub or the kitchen, on the bed or a couch , dining table or toilet seat, anything can turn super fun and pleasurable if you are ready to delve deep into your partner, exploring his/her erogenous zones and fuck like it’s the last fuck of your life.
  1. Men Can be a little Patient: While it’s very common that women orgasm late and sometimes-even not if the fuck is not good enough. While most of us believe that penetration is the only way of satisfying women, we are wrong. Pleasure is what we are aiming at and any pleasure that makes us reach our ultimate limit can be orgasmic. Men can take sometime to explore, fondle ,caress and locate the G-spot. The vagina is not the only thing to be targeted while fucking. If you are cli-terate (aware about the clitoris and the G-spot) you can make your partner cum as well. After all, who doesn’t like a happy face after the most enjoyable sex that only gets better every day.
  1. While Fucking, Throw Your Inhibitions with Your Clothes:  there is hardly any fun in fucking while being not open about the whole idea of it. Both men and women need to get down to business without their reservations or hang ups. The idea is to get naked, love each other’s bodies and flaws, be immersed in each other in every possible way.
  1. Role- Plays  : Something that works wonders and spices up things while giving you extreme pleasure is when you switch roles. It adds variety and heats up things between the two. You can fantasize and get into any role you want to-a stripper, gigolo, porn star, incest, a damsel in distress or a wild lioness on bed, BDSM -the roles are unlimited only if you dare to try it.
  1. Foreplay: What most women personally like more than actual penetrative sex is foreplay. Imagine 69 position while standing and sucking and licking each other’s genitals after a long and burning desire of wanting each other. It is also a great way of expressing how you love and want another desperately. Smooching, biting, kissing deep and passionately, giving love bites, blowjobs, ball sucking, cunt/rim jobs sucking and fondling are just few of the ways by which one can enhance the pleasure and finally giving in and immersing in one another.
  1. Sex Toys, Pegging: If you are really adventurous, reverse role plays can be the thing for you. Pegging involves a woman strapping a fake penis to satisfy her female partner other than fingering and licking. But it is not just restricted to same sex lovemaking. One can turn on the other by doing reverse role plays. Even sex toys for that matter are very effective to heat up things between the two.  
  1. Enjoy the Fuck, Enjoy who you are getting Fucked By: Lastly, enjoyment is the primary factor that decides how much pleasure you wish to give and take. Both the partners need to be in the moment, completely into one another, enjoying the partner and what he/she does to you. If you like what you are doing, you will only find ways to stick around with your partner as long as possible.

18+ Adults Only